HORDE // TARREN MILL             

Mythic   6 / 10

Heroic  10 / 10



Newly arriving on Tarren Mill, we are a core group of progression minded raiders looking for like-minded players to build a competitive raiding team.

We want to create an environment where players' time and goals are valued and respected by providing a raid environment that is efficient and effective, semi-structured M+ teams, and optional rated PVP experiences.

As a fledgling guild, we are looking for all kinds of exceptional players to join our roster and to start progression as soon as possible. We will be focusing on building a solid core roster and pushing progress as far as possible in Castle Nathria, setting ourselves up for a competitive Cutting Edge run next tier.

​We are actively looking for like-minded individual to join our ranks and help us in developing the guild. Any and all suggestions are welcome, and we look forward to seeing and hearing from you in-game.


Chains of


 A R
 V A
L .


Raid schedule marks the start of first pull

Invites start 15 minutes early


8PM - 11:30PM ST

Jumping straight into reclear and progress // core roster


9PM - 12AM ST

Optional raid between progress // flexible roster


8PM - 11:30PM ST

Continuing progress from wednesday // core roster

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What we're

looking for


In progression raiding, being able to make timely call outs and readily responding to raid instruction is invaluable. Members who are able to effectively communicate during and outside of raids will help tremendously in raid progression as well as the raid environment itself.


We expect solid attendance from our members. While we do understand real life should take priority in some circumstances, we expect any absence to be communicated to us prior to the raid; it is simply respectful to the other members of your team.


We value raiders who bring a wide variety of skills to the table. This means players who can maintain good performance while handling mechanics. We also value any related skills outside of the raid such as theory-crafting, weakaura / add-on knowledge, graphic design skills, etc.

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Our communication expectations apply to us as well; we are very open to feedback about all facets of guild and raid operation. We have both a regular and anonymous feedback process where you can communicate any constructive criticism or grievances to one of the officers, and expect reasonable and timely action from us.

We believe in valuing and respecting everyone's time and effort. We understand that raid management should take into account people's expectations, time contribution, and effort outside of raiding. As such we operate efficient raids with reasonable breaks and standards.

We have expectations for officers as well as raiders, and as such, the officer team will offer more than simply raid scheduling. We plan to provide training and log analysis for anyone interested, and later during progress, will organise gold boost runs to fund our guild bank in addition to pay-outs for our raiders.

What we can

offer you


Basic info

Let us know who you are,

and what do you do outside of wow

raid experience

Show us any previous or current tier

experience, and other achievements


Tell us what you're looking for

in a guild, and how you want to contribute

Additional info

Let us know anything you would like to know

from us, or additional comments


We currently have a preference for Unholy Death Knight,  however all exceptional raiders are considered.

Guild application

Contact us on Discord for more information. Hope to see you soon amongst our ranks.